Our website pays much attention to the antifraud policy in the Internet, the crucial attention to this topic is not accidental. The problem is that some people think that dating is an easy way of getting money. We are aware of numerous cases of fraud in the field of online dating. Therefore, not everyone is able to register at our website, it's some kind of closed community, where only verified people can be registered.

You can read, how to avoid becoming a victim of hackers and to make your communication on the dating site safe, enjoyable and productive here.

Many users are willing to accept the most sincere feelings and emotions for fraud. You have to be careful, but is it worth to run to extremes and to take everything for fraud?


Why do real women prefer our services?


Women know that the service is safe, that it has a good reputation, that they won’t meet scammers here, there are only mature people here, who are looking for serious relations, moreover, they invite a man, whom they want to communicate with, by themselves. Our service is convenient for women, because we have a wide network of offices literally all over the world and we work with people at place where they are. Our services are suitable for women, who don’t know foreign languages, as we co-operate with a service, which provides professional translations


Can professional translation services be considered a scam?


Professional translation services have been introduced at the website for the sake of our users’ convenience. Our partner provides professional translation services to the users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During all the time of existence of our website, our partner always reacts on the users’ requests in time and tries to improve the quality of translations. You have paid for the translation, but it wasn’t done? Then it could be considered a fraud. In such cases, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assist in any disputable situation.


How do we check our users?


We check the fact that women are real by a telephone call, by copies of documents confirming their identity or through a personal interview in the office. Women have only two invitation codes, so they have limited choice among the men, whom they can invite. We believe that this policy is secure enough for our website. The results are obvious. Every year dozens of couples find their love on our website.